We will raise your IT to a higher level, our KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS are also our passion, that's why we are the best!

Close B2B cooperation

K4SYSTEM collaborates and maintains strategic partnerships with high-profile companies to jointly conduct research and develop new products and services in the telecommunications field. 

Investment in innovation

We continually invest in developing our team and technology. Over the past five years, our company has participated in over 100 training courses in IT Security, Cloud&Backup, and IT Innovation.

We find OpenSource solutions!

We invest in knowledge and skills, so we offer quality products and solutions. We focus on customers' business requirements, bridging the gap between advanced technology and open source solutions.

Technology consulting

We'll help you solve your current IT issues and work with you to find ways to use technology to improve your business.

Software development

Do you have a start-up project to launch ? An idea for a non-standard solution for your company? Together with you we will find the best technological solution to secure it.

Staff training

Security breaches are becoming more and more common. Today, not only large organizations are targets. It is worth securing your IT before you expose yourself to data leakage or fall victim to a social engineering attack.

Cloud Solutions

Reduce your cost of maintaining your machine farm. Cloud solutions combined with IT Security will help ensure you are secure and comfortable working from anywhere. We implement security technologies and policies.


Preventing or extinguishing fires ?

This is the question to apply. The systems we offer our customers are the solutions we use ourselves. We know what is safe and what possibilities we can get. To answer the question... preventing fires is much easier than putting them out.


Throughput of 100 Mbps is no bandwidth today.

                  We build links with gigabit speeds because the amount of data and network traffic that an average company generates today is unimaginably large. Category 5e currently can be used to connect the console to the Internet. Our customers require speeds that can only be achieved by category 6 and 7e. Such solution we make as default.


Assess the level of IT security of your company. On behalf of our clients, we perform audits along with network penetration testing. We examine the vulnerability of employees to social engineering attacks. We educate, show and explain threats.


Apparently real tough guys don't do bakap... ;) In that case, we are not hardcore. We do backups every day in a terabyte flow. We have dedicated solutions that do not create problems during restoration and do not cause baldness in administrators who wonder.... is the archive complete?

OpenSource Solutions Free License

The times when you had to pay for each product are gone quite quickly. We use OpenSource solutions so most of the solutions developed by us are cheap and don't require a license. ZIMBRA, JITSI or NEXTCLOUD are systems that will satisfy your needs in 100%.

We only supply from a reliable source

We use only proven and reliable solutions. Our machines are powered by APC and Ever devices. We also recommend these solutions to our customers.

Proven solutions we know all about!

We will help you determine your needs, propose solutions that are sure to improve the stability and security of your business.

We work with operating systems

We work smoothly on systems from Microsoft family 
. In each of them we move console-wise ;)